Blockchain Run World

Blockchain technology first appeared in 2008. First called block chain, it was invented by an entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto as a distributed transaction ledger for the bitcoin, also invented by the same person or people. No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, or even if he/she/they is a person or a group of people.  The invention of the blockchain was... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin, Whales, and Ponzi Schemes

What do Bitcoin, whales, and Ponzi schemes have in common?  Could it be that they are all part of the same mix?  Is it even possible?  On the surface, it looks very possible.  No legally operated investment program has ever grown so explosively for so long without collapsing on itself. But wait a minute… no... Continue Reading →

Blockchain – an evolution that is becoming a revolution!

Blockchain - what is it? For those familiar with it, it might surprise you to realize how few people have even heard of it. Blockchain is an extremely promising technology in our endless search for ways to increase computing power, speed and security. By eliminating the "middle man," both security and speed are automatically increased, which by itself could be considered an incredible increase in computing power. Many startups are going this way. Banks, insurance companies, video games and more are either seriously considering it, or already using it.

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