The metaverse and NFT (Part III)

As mentioned in a previous article, jobs are one of the basic elements of the economy.  The more people have jobs, the better the economy is.  But there is an even more basic element to the economy.  It is the thing that creates the wealth that in turn buys goods and services and pays the... Continue Reading →

The metaverse (Part II)

Jobs are one of the basic elements of the economy. The number of jobs created in a quarter is used as an index to show the strength of economic growth. Job creation is always a key ingredient in the “goody basket” offered by politicians during an election cycle. If the number of existing jobs goes down in a... Continue Reading →

How Elon Musk is Changing the World.

How Elon Musk is Changing the World – Tesla would be proud What do Paypal, Tesla and a man named Elon Musk have in common? Elon Musk one the original founders of Paypal, the world's largest online payment provider for online sales and purchases.  When Musk, the owner of the online banking company,, merged... Continue Reading →

API as a Product

APIs as Products in and of themselves has begun to cross the mind of more than one savvy business person. But how do you market something that isn’t… well… anything?   Let’s back up a bit and first define the meaning of API. What IS an API? API means Application Programming Interface used in software development. It is... Continue Reading →

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