The Metaverse (Part I)

The Metaverse is coming.  That is the latest pronouncement from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, also known for his fascination with transhumanism (which is a topic for another article!).  But what is the metaverse? According to Zuckerberg, this is the next phase for Facebook – soon to be known as “Meta.”  No smart CEO in history... Continue Reading →

Blockchain Run World

Blockchain technology first appeared in 2008. First called block chain, it was invented by an entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto as a distributed transaction ledger for the bitcoin, also invented by the same person or people. No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, or even if he/she/they is a person or a group of people.  The invention of the blockchain was... Continue Reading →

Telecommuting in 2020

Working remotely Telecommuting in 2020 is no longer simply a choice. The coronavirus pandemic, known as COVID-19 for the year it was first discovered, has changed the world. Working remotely, usually from home, has become the only way for many people to continue working. Many have dreamed of working from home, but that’s all it... Continue Reading →

API as a Product

APIs as Products in and of themselves has begun to cross the mind of more than one savvy business person. But how do you market something that isn’t… well… anything?   Let’s back up a bit and first define the meaning of API. What IS an API? API means Application Programming Interface used in software development. It is... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence and Music

Artificial Intelligence and Music Will AI produce really good music or even music that is merely a commercial success in the moment? Can computer brains put composers and musicians out of business? Is the day of amazing guitarists like Jimi Hendrix gone, replaced by computer generated perfection guaranteed to gain the widest possible audience? What affect... Continue Reading →

My book

The rapid innovation of technology is disrupting all industries, which drives company leaders to take action in terms of Digital Transformation. This adoption of digital technology in the industrial world is changing how businesses are run, right down to their core. Digital brings with it new levels of innovation and productivity that deliver real, tangible... Continue Reading →

IoT – the Internet of Things – yes, you are connected

IoT or the Internet of Things is a massive field that connects literally everybody, everywhere.  Well... almost.  If you're living deep in the Amazon rainforest, beneath the canopy that literally blocks out the sun from ever hitting the forest floor, wear almost nothing and carry nothing that hasn't been made on site, you're probably part of the IoT.  Indeed, just by reading this article on this screen makes you part of it.

Blockchain – an evolution that is becoming a revolution!

Blockchain – what is it?

For those familiar with it, it might surprise you to realize how few people have even heard of it. Blockchain is an extremely promising technology in our endless search for ways to increase computing power, speed and security. By eliminating the “middle man,” both security and speed are automatically increased, which by itself could be considered an incredible increase in computing power. Many startups are going this way. Banks, insurance companies, video games and more are either seriously considering it, or already using it.

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