My book

A technology safari

The rapid innovation of technology is disrupting all industries, which drives company leaders to take action in terms of Digital Transformation.

This adoption of digital technology in the industrial world is changing how businesses are run, right down to their core. Digital brings with it new levels of innovation and productivity that deliver real, tangible outcomes.

Why is disruption so hard to see?  This is a complex question in many ways, yet it can be simplified into this short phrase:  Because it is not being watched for.

What is very interesting in all this, and something that businesses that want to grow and succeed must recognize, is that new technologies are not the sole cause of disruption.  In fact, new technologies by themselves sometimes have no immediate effect.  Such was the case when Kodak invented digital photography in 1975.  It had virtually no effect on their business or the imaging market, at all, until much later.  However, when the time was right, Kodak missed it, and was killed by their own invention!

What, then, is another cause of disruption?  In a few words:  The consumer.  Certain new technologies may not have great appeal to consumers when they first appear, yet in a few weeks, months or years, they can have absolute runaway appeal.

When Google first started, the most popular place to go for information was an encyclopedia.  Every good home and certainly public and institutional libraries had at least one full set of a popular encyclopedia.  Yet in its last three years of production, the largest, Encyclopedia Britannica, sold less than 10,000 units!

What Bill Gate’s mentor, Kodak and others missed is the fact that what might appear to be a mere novelty when it first appears can become the disruption a short time later.  Paying attention to what interests people has become one of the keys to staying ahead of trends and avoiding being caught by an unexpected disruption.

This is where AI can really help any business.  By collecting and analyzing the big data, trends can be spotted before they become disruptive, enabling companies to shift their focus, develop new technologies and offer the kind of service their customers want before someone else does.

In this book, you will discover how new and rapidly advancing technology has changed almost everything we thought we knew about anything.

New technologies bring changes not even imagined only a decade ago – or maybe only last week!  Often the changes are so radical that we refer to these as “disruptive technologies.”

Indeed, as hinted at previously, these technologies are changing the very way we manage our businesses, as we find ourselves in an era of collaborative management, as opposed to the time honored, but now mainly defunct (and defective) idea of management by edict from the top.

Such as a Safari in Africa, people should care about the big five technologies.

You can buy the book on Amazon.

Have fun!


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