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A Technology Safari : who is this book for?  Anyone who is even interested in the rapidly evolving digital world will find something within its pages.  Those who are even now in business, those involved in business management platforms, developers, bankers, musicians, artists, students and those just interested in the world we now live in will find something in this book.

In the part 1, you will discover how new and rapidly advancing technology has changed almost everything we thought we knew about anything.

In the part 2, the demand for innovation has changed the very way that software is engineered.  Developing new software innovations can no longer be achieved with the large, clunky, low-talent, international teams.  By the time software is developed, tested and debugged by “traditional” engineering teams, it’s already been left behind by better software developed by someone else.

Part 3 – Disruption is not only a question of new technologies.  Culture and management is part of this change, as well.  Traditional, top-down, rigid management systems are being replaced by much more efficient collaborative experiments with amazing results.  A whole new culture of cooperation has developed between company’s staff (CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, engineers, developers, etc.)  and also, customers that previously did not exist.

Such as a Safari in Africa, people should care about the big five disruptive technologies.

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A Technology Safari

Disruption is not only about profiting on new ideas and technology as it appears, but perhaps of equal importance, it is recognizing coming or evolving disruption early enough to prevent the kind of disastrous events that can occur when a business loses its competitive edge.

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  1. This is general overview of robotics and AI suitable as a starting point for those with very little background in the subject who want to learn more, including those who are simply curious about robots and AI but don’t necessarily want to build one. It does not go into great depth on any one topic but comprehensively covers all the relevant disciplines and technologies. It provides many links and suggestions for further investigation for those who wish to learn and do more in these fields. I found it fascinating.


  2. We may be approaching the greatest transition in history. This change is more dangerous than global warming or nuclear weapons. It is the possibility that superintelligence can be created by artificial intelligence which has been created by us. The idea is that once we have crossed a threshold in AI where consciousness is achieved, it can improve on itself. Making itself smarter and smarter in a cycle of redesign, much smarter than any human. Then what?


  3. Hi,
    This won’t teach you technologies in depth, but it opens your eyes to what disruptive tech are, and how they could change the world ahead of us. Great!
    G. Klamba


  4. A great read. Jean-Christophe lucidly describes the many possible ways artifical intelligence will shape our future.


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